What's Your Story?


What's Your Story? 

We built this company on the foundations of inspiration and giving back to a community who once helped our family in a time of need.  Our mission is to help ordinary girls become extraordinary.  Anyone can be inspired but it takes a special person to be inspirational.  Every girl has a story, what’s yours? 

Your story may help others facing similar circumstances. We want your experience coping with (your story) of how it can benefit someone else by providing strength, encouragement, hope and inspiration.

Inspirational Story Ideas:

  • How you overcame a hardship or a trial?
  • How you were able to cope with a disease, what helped you have hope? How did you keep a positive outlook on life?
  • Have you had an awesome experience with a charity or serving others?
  • Have you traveled and seen unique places and circumstances?
  • How did you overcame trials at school? (bullying, self esteem, eating disorder, depression, loss of a loved one, a change of friends etc.).
  • How to live your dreams?
  • How to keep positive?
 We will feature 1 story a month on our Inspire blog.

Submit your story to:

Email: emily@inspirelamour.com 

If we feel your story is inspirational and that will help inspire others, we will give you a 30% discount code used in our store to every article or story written that we find inspiring. Inspiring to us means, giving others a sense of hope, faith, to live dreams, to showing a positive outlook on life, showing love, kindness and support to others.  ❤