Some of you know, one reason why we started this company was in hopes to give back in some way while doing something we love. We decided to feature 1 story a month on our blog and to have this page dedicated to these inspirational stories. We decided to call these stories, "Stories Of Hope".

Our hope is to find all kinds of inspirational stories that will help

inspire you in some way.




Meet Jane ~ In Jane’s life she has experienced abuse, abandonment, starvation, as well as being forced to live on the streets. Nothing in Jane’s life would seem like a life that any of our readers would want. What Jane did have, was a tenacious appetite to rise above her past into a bright future that would fulfill her dreams in every way.

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~ If you would like to submit and share your inspirational story please go to our page called, "What’s Your Story". We would love to hear it! :)