Our Story


Inspire L' Amour started with a lifelong passion for the fashion industry, unique style and a deep found inspiration for everyday life. Our desire is discover freestyle and lifestyle brands that inspire while sharing stories of courage, strength and perseverance from all over the world.  ❤

It started with hope, inspiration, passion and grew into so much more...

Our owner Emily is a mother of 3 kids. She loves everything about the outdoors and spending time with her family. She enjoys getting a little muddy four-wheeling, or lets face it a lot muddy while going through the rivers. She loves and purposely goes through the mud puddles and does donuts. LOL She has always loved fashion, home decor, hair and make-up.

She turned her passion for fashion into an upcoming business and hopes to some day add a Home Decor line that is a inspired lifestyle line.

How we got our name?  Emily's story;

I wanted to come up with a name that had meaning in my own life. We sometimes have trials that make us realize what we truly want in life. The desire and passion of owning a boutique was one of them for me. At one time I was on death's door in 2011. I had to decide if I was going to live and fight for what I wanted. I was bedridden for 3 years. At its worst I couldn't move, I was going down hill fast and losing my eyesight. I realized during that time, my family and my life is worth fighting for. It is what I truly wanted more than anything. So I decided I would fight, do my best and work hard at what was needed to come up again. And that is what I did. It also helped I found two treatments that worked for me. Since 2013 I began my recovery and oh what a hard, worth while journey it has been. I am a 100 times better than where I was. I know my body won't be totally back to normal, but hey I will take this good body of mine. I think the most important lessons I learned were: I learned to live by hope, faith, love and to find daily positive inspiration from all around me. At the time there was a huge community support for my family and me. I was continually filled with hope and gratitude. Even now it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. I hope through it all and owning this business I can give back in someway for the many people who have reached out to my family and me at a time when we needed it most. My hope and dream is to figure out a way to incorporate inspiration in what I love and give back in someway. :)

Sincerely,   Em


INSPIRE ~ Seeing through different eyes (A change in perspective in life from her trial) Everything in life inspired her and meant that much more to her now. She lives day by day with renewed passion for life. We take life for granted sometimes, she learned, life is a treasure and a gift. 


AMOUR ~ French word meaning, the love. Her husband would sometimes call her, my love. Mon L' Amour means, my love. The words "Inspire My Love", seemed to fit with a sound of elegance that is fun to say. The "L" seemed to go better than the "Mon" so, "Inspire L' Amour" it was with a hidden meaning.


Owning her own boutique was a dream a passion.....





What's Your Story? 

We built this company on the foundations of inspiration and giving back to a community who once helped our family in a time of need.  Our mission is to help ordinary girls become extraordinary.  Anyone can be inspired but it takes a special person to be inspirational.  Every girl has a story, what’s yours? 

   We would love to hear your inspirational story   

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