Christmas Traditions We Love

Christmas Traditions We Love

December 20, 2015

Christmas Traditions are what make this time of year memorable. Whether it be; making gingerbread houses, Christmas decorating, to the Christmas music playing in the background, seeing Christmas lights, watching your favorite holiday movie, getting a special Christmas book each year, to wearing special pj's on Christmas Eve. The smells even have a memorable place. The smell of cinnamon, pine tree boughs, and the smell and taste of apple cider that is to die for. The smells are nostalgic of the holiday season. These are only a few to name that we love. 

Christmas Pj's

I love this time of year when there’s snow outside and you can cuddle up in your pajamas, with your favorite slippers, a mug of hot chocolate, sitting in front of the fire or watching your favorite movie. Growing up we got Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve. 

Whether you have adorable pj's or not, Inspire L' Amour has some pj's of our own. 

Here's our classic Holiday dress's / Pj's


Everyday Lounge Wear



Holiday Movie Classics


Divine Popcorn

This is like the popcorn we make its by, In The Little Red House. The only difference is we add marshmallows to it.


Reese's Peanut butter Cookies


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