Things that happen in life, make you realize you need to follow your heart, passion and dreams in the world

Things that happen in life, make you realize you need to follow your heart, passion and dreams in the world

August 10, 2015


Ever since I was a little girl I have always had a passion for the fashion industry, make-up, hair and home décor. In my teen years I remember looking at the teen fashion, Seventeen magazine. I was amazed by all the helpful articles, tips and pics of teens and celebrities. Still to this day, I am addicted to the PEOPLE magazine, Pinterest, Youtube for the how to’s, make-up, hair and Houzz for the home decor. 

I haven’t always been able to afford how I have wanted to dress each day, style my house the way I want and buy the amounts of make-up I have dreamed about. And that was okay for me at the time. My family always came first. We lived and are living a good life. In my eyes I may not always look perfect and in-style, but I have my passion for this business and my desire to keep updated in a constant changing, trending world.



I was researching one day and I happened upon this gem on Youtube, with Marie Forleo and the Daily Love expert, Mastin Kipp. I was shocked about what Mastin said, He said he heard this advice from Steve Jobs, “If you live like you’re dying, you take a lot more risks. And to become an entrepreneur you have to have a disease, a crazy disease, because most businesses don’t survive in the first year. It’s like we’re signing up to fail. So you got to be a little crazy”. LOL

So there it is, I guess I am a little crazy in starting a business.  Ha, ha

As you know if you read the, “Our Story” page I talk about being on deaths door and how it made me realize, I am not living up to my dreams and passions. And I thought why am I not living my dreams? And I think it’s because we live in fear that were not good enough, or think we don’t know how to do it perfectly and the big one is, what will other people think of me?  I had a lot of fears when things went beyond bad and being on my death bed. I had a fear of dying, going blind, being in a wheel chair for the rest of my life, what would happen to my family if I didn’t make it, my parents etc. I realized these fears were getting me no-where. Why do I or we always live in this prison of fear? Fear can paralyze you. It’s not living. I had a lot of time to think to myself for I couldn’t move or see at that time. I decided you know, if I come up from this, I am going to live my passions, my dreams and live as if it was my last day. I am going to work hard at eliminating and conquering these fears/ negative thoughts in my mind. Even now it’s a constant daily effort. I have come far, but I still have my insecurities, especially with the damage caused from the disease itself.

At that trying hard time in my life, I realized all I could do was give my best efforts search for treatments and work hard at coming up again. I have learned from my failures, to get up when I am down and fight for what I want in life. 

In the present, I have reached a point I never thought possible again. I am walking, living, dreaming and doing well. :)



I didn’t realize how starting a business would be so hard, but fulfilling and something I love at the same time. I am determined to figure out all the ins and outs of the fashion industry. It gives me a distraction and a purpose to contribute somehow in the world. I have thought a lot about what styles I want to portray in my Inspire L' Amour online clothing boutique website/ store, what are my goals, who is my target audience and how do I want to go about it.  I am learning a ton and am still constantly learning. I had styles in my mind before I started my business, but I did a survey to see if it confirmed it with teens and young adults. And for the most part it did.

2015/ 2016 FALL STYLES

I am super excited for the fall brands to come in. I am in the process of ordering now. I am doing a lot of boho inspiration pieces, a bit of rocker chic and a style of elegance that would glam up any date night or a girl’s night out. We have some cool campaigns coming up that I am WAAYYY excited about. I have realized my heart and style is with teen styles, but my hope is to bring in modern and vintage styles that women everywhere will love as well. I will have some high end brands, some average priced brands and I will do my best to bring in deals as well.

My hope is to find things that inspire the soul, find and create a style teens/ women will love and while living my passion.

I am excited to see what opportunities arise from this journey. :)


~ Em

 P.S. If you're interested in the inspirational video I talked about with Marie Forleo and the Daily Love expert, Mastin Kippin's its called, "How To Live Your Purpose".

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