Behind The Scene Photoshoot

Behind The Scene Photoshoot

April 23, 2015

Come see behind the scenes of our most recent photo-shoot. These girls did amazing! 

These beautiful girls got their hair and make-up done at the, "Main Attraction" salon. They we're fabulous, so go check them out. Alayna Duboise was the hair stylist and Tori Medina was the make-up artist. Check below for their info. 





I can't wait to see the images the photographer took. 



I have a lot of favorite outfits, but this one I look at it and I am in love. (It also makes it even more to love when the model is someone close to me). Love this beautiful girl. 



 Perfection when added with these sunnies. She rocked it!





 Aww she did amazing! 



This pic makes me think of sitting in Paris for some reason. It has a great feel to the picture. So cute! 


Love this outfit with the pop of color.

I couldn't have done all this if it wasn't for my amazing team. Everything went so smoothly. The girls are simply gorgeous.  I am so excited to see the final images soon. 

Photographer: White Dandelion Photography:

To Brighton for giving advice and ideas. I appreciate you more than you know. I learned a lot from you. :) 

To Missy for also giving fashion advice and her expertise. You guys have given me a lot of great ideas and advice, which I am so grateful for. I appreciate all that you do.

To Alayna, for always being a life long friend. She is one of the kindest, beautiful, most giving, inspiring person's I know. Thank you Alayna for all you do and for your friendship. I appreciate you so much! You will find Alayna at the, "Main Attraction" hair salon.

And to Tori, She is a sweetheart and the best cousin I could ever ask for. Her make-up, hair and style is inspiring. I see such great potential in this girl. She is amazing. Love her. :) 

You can find Tori and Alayna by messaging  Inspire L' Amour on the contact page and we will respond shortly. 

Thanks again everyone for a great photo-shoot!

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