Free Spirited Fashion

Free Spirited Fashion

June 01, 2016



Hello Dreamers,

We are excited to share our many new arrivals for this summer! Everywhere we look (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) we are inspired by all the chic, boho, hippy and gypsy styles! We can't get enough! Personally, I struggle with trying new fashion styles. When I hear hippy, I think of outdated orange shag carpet, tacky wall paper, and people hollering "groovy". I am very excited to share some great tips that can give us all some more confidence!


Indeed, the '70s had their ups and downs, but they were also incredibly inspiring (how could we forget ABBA!).  My family spent every road trip singing along to "Mama Mia". My sisters and I even have our own unique version of "Super Trouper" that we sing to each other. What else? Flower children (people who wore flowers to show peace and love), The Beatles, of course, and the obvious reason we are here today: the fashion!!!! So how can we be  fashion-forward "boho babes"?  Lets get started with some fun, popular pieces, and tips.



First things first, I just love this dress! I think it embodies the classic Gypsy soul so perfectly, and the red lipstick really brings the whole look together!



This high neck dress is perfectly light, casual, and completely boho! Personally, I would style it with lots and lots of bangles, other bracelets, and rings. Just layer it all up!



Hate messy hair? My suggestion?  HATS!  HATS!  HATS! A good Fedora really finnishes off a look!



What could be more perfect for July than this patriotic tank?

Don't be afraid to have messy natural hair! Messy is in! So feel free to embrace that morning bed-head!



Thank you for taking a look at the blog today! Hope it was helpful! All the looks are available here on the site! We love your feedback and questions!

Here is a link to a quick and easy Boho Hair and Makeup look, that I really liked! <3

Also a link to an ABBA classic!

With Love ~ Sharitee




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